No FT3-safety-fueltanks needed in gr.N, A and R

Our ASN accepted at the beginning of the season, that this year there will be no need to install FT3-safety-fueltanks in gr.N, A and R! German Ex-Gr.H-cars are allowed, if they respect E1-National-regulations (FIA homologated safety-belts and seats for example). More infos on request. Further questions?

License / Lizenz / Licence

It is possible to take a “day-license” to compete @ Rallye Luxembourg for the price of 50€ if you don’t have a FIA-license. You need to have a valid driving license and a medical certificate mentioning, that you are “able to do motorsports” (not older then 3 months). Man kann vor Ort eine Tageslizenz zum Preis […]